Year Three

In your face, gypsy soothsayer! The tea-leaf reader Roman and I consulted at this summer’s Appleby Horse Fair said Tally-Ho Corner wouldn’t see its third birthday. There was mention of a white stag with bloody hooves, a “troubled troubadour”, and an accident involving a Husqvarna K970 disc cutter, all of which turned out to be complete bobbins. True, Madame Carla did correctly predict that I’d end-up spending a portion of Old Hallowmass Eve “inside a dragon skull”, but that could easily have been a lucky guess.

For new and irregular readers, here are some of the things you may have missed during the past twelve months.

2023 was the year…

  • Cornerites made October a month to remember.

  • Twenty-one games underwent trial by 3×3.

  • I penned around 300 separate A2Z stories.

  • For once, no pixeltruppen were harmed during the making of one of my AARs.

  • My Chief Foxer Setter was as industrious, inventive, and fiendish as ever.

None of the above would have been possible without the airlifters – the kind souls whose monthly subscriptions and occasional donations keep the wolf from my welcome mat. If you’re one of THC’s small band of benefactors, or help out by spreading the word on forums and social media…


  1. Thanks for another great year Tim.

    I don’t comment that often so let me use this one to say that I’m still a huge fan of what you do and your Friday posts are something I look forward to every week.

  2. Happy holidays! Thank you so much for your work and for making me look forward to every next piece/article!

    If you ever have time and desire to get revenge for Bastogne at WaW, just wave my way!

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