The Lions of Lodowice: Turn 17

Why do all the screenshots in this turn report look they were taken in 1997? A couple of days ago my PC suddenly decided that it detested OpenGL. Titles that had worked flawlessly for years, no longer launched, and hours of driver switching and windows update uninstalling failed to fix the problem. For some reason the OpenGL-reliant Combat Mission: Red Thunder does still run, but now insists on displaying at a nostalgic 1024 x 768 resolution. Assuming an imminent video card switch fixes the problem, normal service will be resumed next turn!

In the meantime…

Both teams lose warriors during Turn 17. The sole German casualty is a German scout in the crowded building at the western end of Boleslav Bridge. Busy suppressing the on-the-move Soviet sniper team across the water, he stops an SMG bullet fired by the flamethrower team at i6NE…

The three blue team casualties – all unhorsed tankmen – fall in the opening seconds of the sixty when two 88mm HE shells slam into the riverside property they are in the process of exiting. Only the Sherman commander survives the Tiger mauling. He ends the turn rattled and close to the halftrack which backed away from the river bank during this execution phase.

If the SU-100 had opted to advance a few feet this sixty, German infantry losses might have been much higher. From its current position it can’t quite target the battered Axis apartment by Boleslav Bridge.

To get a sense of what other units got up to this turn you’ll need to compare the following two T+60 overview images with their equivalents in the last turn report.

A) Panther crew

B) Tiger + King Tiger crew, scout team, and Panzerfaust team

C) LMG team

D) Pak 40, crew, ammo bearers + empty truck

E) Panzerschreck team moving east

F) Empty truck heading SE.

G) Scout team and tank hunter team

H) Flamethrower team and SU-100

I) Sherman commander and halftrack

J) Panzerfaust team moving south

K) Sniper team creeping SE

L) Scout team (stationary) and tank hunter team (moving SW).

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  1. Hey Tim, if the error you get is something like “Could not initialize graphics display. REQUIRED: 1024 x 768” try going into properties of the executable/shortcut and setting Compatibility > High DPI settings override to “Application”. CM does not like DPI Scaling in and will fail launching – I have to set this for all my CM games to allow higher res.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately my problem appears to be more serious. A seemingly random selection of my currently installed games and tools have stopped working for some reason. For example Google Earth Pro… The Last Exterminator… Comrades and Barons: Gates of Freedom… all no longer launch, while Zortch, Tabletop Sim, Britannia, and Islands of the Caliph run fine. I’ve tried different drivers, checked for damaged system files, directx and graphics card probs etc, but not managed to get to the bottom of the issue yet. I’m thoroughly bamboozled to be honest.

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