Sunday Sounds #1: The Race Sim Central podcast

Although THC will never cast pods, it isn’t averse to granting high quality ones access to its external acoustic meatus. Race Sim Central’s aural suppositories contain the words of three extremely knowledgeable individuals. If you’ve ever used your PC for automotive hurtling, the hour-long chinwags are well worth listening to.

In the latest, Tim ‘rFactor’ Wheatley, Simon Croft, and occasional Cornerite/Flareopath Jon Denton talk about a host of fascinating subjects including Grand Prix Legends’ abandoned sequel, the industry’s apathy towards historical subjects, the attitude of the mainstream press towards demanding sims, and the evolution of track modelling.

Titles mentioned during the discussion include Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, Colin McRae Rally, Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 2, GPL, GTR2, NASCAR Racing, NetKar Pro, iRacing, rFactor, Rally Trophy, and Richard Burns Rally! I guarantee you’ll learn something, and/or come away keen to install an old favourite.


  1. Listened to some of the first episode today and enjoying it so far. What are some other podcasts you recommend, particularly for wargames or transport sims?

    • Call me mean/miserly, but I was planning to save other recommendations for future Sunday Sounds. That way I can give each a bit of exclusive limelight.

  2. Awesome recommendation! I’ve never been one to listen to podcasts but someone got me into Hardcore History and 99% Invisible and that’s made me curious what else is out there.

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