Rewarding Recon (Win Gunner, HEAT, PC!)

Fancy hunting huffy houses in handsome Hessian surroundings, but don’t have £24 spare? The following competition is for you.

The good eggs at Radian Simulations have supplied me with two Steam activation codes for the most exciting thing to happen to armour simulation in a long time – Early Access GHPC.

To be in with a chance of winning their recently updated* Eighties sabot-slinging sim, you’ll need to send me (tim at tallyhocorner dot com) the correct answer to this question – “Where were these four ↓ tanky snaps snapped?” – within the next five days.

* A couple of weeks ago GHPC gained M901s, and a prototype Fulda Gap campaign. Playable from both NATO and Warsaw Pact perspectives, the campaign utilises randomly generated missions.

On Friday morning I’ll put the name of everyone eligible into a hat and draw two winners.


  1. As someone who bought GHPC based on Tally Ho coverage: this is a great opportunity for anyone on the fence!

    I’ve been away from my PC while conducting a move, but am keen to try the new campaign updates. Maybe even brave the interface challenges of a Steamdeck install.

    I love cruising around in the Bradley zipping infantry & armour alike, but I find myself wistfully imagining GHPC with Warriors, Scimitars, and Challengers.

  2. I’ve had GHPC on my wishlist for some time now – I have an aversion to buying early access games – but read the latest updates a few days ago.

    Forget the game, the manual includes ‘how to aim’ which, by way of teaching you about different vehicles in the game, really brings home the differences between fire control systems in contemporary fighting vehicles:

    I know one of those locations. At least, I think I might know one of them. The other three? Someone’s going to be earning their Steam key!

    • The two winners were notified by email earlier today. If you haven’t heard anything, better luck next time (I’ll be launching a competition with different prizes either tomorrow or on Sunday).

      • A = Churchill AVRE “One Charlie” Monument near Juno Beach, Graye-sur-Mer, France

        B = Jagdpanzer IV at the Deutsches Panzermuseum in Munster, Germany

        C = Type 97 Tank at Brawijaya Museum in Malang, Indonesia

        D = WWI British Mark IV tank at St. George’s Square, Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom

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