Death From Above – NAFO or naff?

Insipid aerodynamics, and a lack of targets and target variety prompted me to uninstall the £8.50 Death From Above a mere two hours after torching my first T-80. I might have lingered longer had Rockodile forced me to scrounge ammo and allowed me to clobber invaders with dropped washing machines.

Things start promisingly enough. An escaped Ukrainian PoW with a quadcopter and a limitless supply of HE and AT grenades at your disposal, you’re expected to work your way towards friendly lines, slaying enemies…

recovering white goods…

ogling wrecks…

and grabbing NAFO fella collectibles as you go.

As wind speed is always 0 m/s, and Russian tanks and jeeps never move, open their hatches, or toss their turrets, the thrill of eviscerating vehicles quickly fades. Mobile, and ready to fling lead and RPGs if you get too close, the sentry-like, grunts that wander the map, are more stimulating prey.

Reducing their numbers, especially with carefully timed multi-kills and double taps (foes sometimes investigate nearby blasts or come to the aid of injured comrades) is grimly satisfying for an hour or two.

Unfortunately, at the point in proceedings where a more sophisticated/ambitious drone sim would be introducing new models, activities, target types, and weather conditions, DFA is winding up its brief, humour-flecked narrative with a daft, somewhat tiresome boss fight.

The fact that Rockodile is donating a portion of its profits (30% until the game breaks even. 70% thereafter) to Army of Drones and Come Back Alive is admirable, but doesn’t make DFA any less flimsy/flawed. It’s worth remembering you can support the Ukrainian war effort by purchasing a far superior drone sim. LuGus, the makers of the excellent Liftoff, have helped establish drone schools in the land of sunflowers and stubborn resistance.

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  1. Like many attempts to gamify the current conflict, it sounds like this one came too quick. I suspect in the coming years we’ll see some very interesting simulations and campaigns, but right now most things feel rushed & over the top,

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