Type:Rider – fontastic and (almost) free

Unsurprisingly, Steam’s sub-50p bargain basement is awash with concentrated effluent. Without a robust hazmat suit and prodigious patience, you’ve zero chance of unearthing marvels like the (currently) 39p Type:Rider.

A puzzle-strewn trundle through the history of typography, this 2013 delight has physics, level design, art, sound, and music to die for. Play involves guiding two linked wheel-like dots through spaces littered with obstacles and hazards, grabbing letters as you go.

Your perambulating periods are waterproof, can spin, hop over voids, and nudge movable scenery. They don’t, however, appreciate being crushed, superheated, tossed into thorn bushes, or propelled into abysses.

Liberally sprinkled autosave points mean mistakes != frustration, and an optional journal serves up fascinating hunks of history at regular intervals. I can’t think of many games that blend fun, challenge, and edification better than Type:Rider.

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