Year One

How time flies. Tally-Ho Corner turns one tomorrow, which means I’ll be wrapping it in the skin of a freshly slain hare and passing it through the eye of Æthelwulf’s Needle – a local menhir. According to legend, any website that doesn’t undergo this ritual on its birthday is sure to end up selling its soul for a mess of pottage or a potty message in the following year. As the days leading up to a ‘threading’ are meant to be spent either in silent meditation or off your tits on sloe gin (naturally, I opted for the hedgerow hooch) there isn’t a proper Friday feature this week. What I can offer you is a quick scamper through some of the highlights of THC’s first twelvemonth.

2021 was the year…

  • Cornerites voted Combat Mission their favourite wargame series of all time (Total War and Close Combat took silver and bronze).

  • Solo defoxers visited Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kyrgyztan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the UAE, the UK, the USA and Vietnam.

  • And Friday defoxers became moderately well versed in subjects including destroyed art, heraldry, Malawi, the Pancho Villa Expedition, gloves, elephants, 1967, Iran, pawnbroking, English words of Czech origin, the Ripley Scroll, rice, rubies, prison islands, and zoological collective nouns.

None of this would have been possible without your enthusiasm, engagement, and financial support. To the readers who’ve made Tally-Ho Corner’s comment sections such lively, interesting places this past year, and to the vital subscribers whose monthly contributions are all that stands between THC and oblivion, I say a heartfelt…


  1. //

    Morale +7! Thank you CaptainKoloth, SpaceCowboy, captaincabinets, Nick, KSBearski, Blastaz, and celticdr and apologies for unintentionally erasing your kind words (I had a plugin issue yesterday which I rectified with a sledge rather than a pin hammer).

    • No worries Tim, as KSBearski notes above it happens from time to time.

      I’ve been playing Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts and thinking some sort of AAR on the bare bones campaign would make a good read.

      Looking forward to year two of THC ??

  2. Thanks Tim for your work. It is always a pleasure to read your posts and scratch my head on the foxer. Wish you all a nice year!!

  3. Thank you Tim. It’s always a pleasure to read your words. There was a time before on-demand media when I looked forward to a particular day and time of the week – a TV/radio show, a serial. This site does the same.

  4. Happy New Year all. Tim! Any word on a resurrection of the Escape & Evasion Game Jam? I’ve been polishing a submission ever since we all catastrophically missed the deadline of the first one.

    • Sorry, I was planning to re-launch the game jam over Christmas, but didn’t get around to it. Expect an announcement early next week.

  5. Thank you Tim! This past year roundup is a great idea, as I was pretty late to join the Tally-Ho corner and missed a lot of great content.
    I hope this subscription model will be successfull enough for you to carry on doing your truly unique work for many years to come!

  6. Congratulations on the opener year, great stuff! Your site is a true pleasure and allows for sitting back and reading expert wordsmithing coupled to expert opinion on some of my favorite subjects. One of the few giants left.

  7. Thanks Tim and Roman for bringing this back, its greatly appreciated. A happy and lucky new year to you and the Tallyhocornorites.

  8. Thanks so much Tim! I was so happy to have found your new home, literally jumped for joy to be able to read your fine words and humble reccos. Here’s to another year!

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