Solo Foxer #10

Unlike the formidable Friday foxers, the Monday kind are designed with lone truth sleuths in mind. Roman, my Chief Foxer Setter, assures me the following brainteaser can be solved single-handedly. Crow all you like in the comments section, but please don’t spoil the puzzle for others by sharing solutions or dropping hints.

“Where am I?”

Using the following clues (the map above is purely decorative) in combination with Street View, Wikipedia, MAPfrappe and other tools, work out my location. The answer will appear under next Monday’s solo foxer.

I’m in a London park, facing SE. On the path in front of me is a skateboarder wearing a white t-shirt, brown trousers, and a camouflaged boonie hat. If the skateboarder used a bus to get here, there’s a good chance that bus was a ’16’. I’m 100 metres from a railway line, 310 from a basketball court, and 370 from a tracked AFV that entered service in 1940. The nearest street has a female name and the nearest cathedral is Roman Catholic. The closest international airport is around 7.5 km away. I share longitude with an OFC and latitude with an island that’s also a car.

(Last week I was here)


  1. After getting stuck in Seattle last time it feels good to track down the appropriately attired skateboarder this time…

  2. I did indeed have the wrong AFV (though the one I found was excellent) and was bamboozled for some time. But a hint from ylla finally got me unstuck and there is our skateboarder. Hello skateboarder!

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