The Lions of Lodowice: Turn 12

I’ll need to tread carefully while writing and illustrating today’s report. Although house rules mean each team has perfect intel on enemy AFV movements, opposing grunts can move unseen until CMRT’s sophisticated spotting routines decide they’ve been detected.

I can, for instance, legitimately describe how the Tiger rumbles up Fish Street this turn, stops circa c11, then cautiously edges around the corner with its termination tube pointing in the general direction of Boleslav Bridge.

I can point out that the SU-100 commander quickly regrets unbuttoning at the start of the sixty. Moments after he shows himself, SMG (?) fire emanating from somewhere on the other side of the Vistula clatters his cupola, prompting a speedy descent. The incoming ceases when the Soviet TD heads up Vinegar Street.

The SU finishes up stopped behind the church, not far from where the Blue team’s halftrack has halted.

About halfway through the turn, the gaze of the Po-2’s passenger is drawn to a15NW when the German truck in that location starts moving. Said truck is still in motion (see gridded map below) when the clock stops.

I can also safely/fairly report that late in the turn (T+55) a German infantry team approaching Boleslav Bridge from the west, realises it’s in the sights of at least one Soviet rifleman (?) and decides to get a wiggle on. None of the incoming rounds are on target.

^ Rough guide to current unit positions and recent movement

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