The Lions of Lodowice: Turn 11

Dozens of the Narcissus for which Lodowice is moderately famous, have been thrown into confusion by the events of the past ten turns. In several spots in the grounds of Lodowice University and on the banks of the Vistula, subterranean bulbs have begun pushing green daggers upwards after detecting an unseasonal thaw.

If copperbottom, the Comment Commander choreographing the SU-100, had decided to take on the Tiger this sixty, it’s quite possible Spring might have come early to j11 or g12 too. Instead, the Soviet tank destroyer buttons up, turns 180 degrees, then scuttles south-eastward.

The Tiger withdraws with a little less gusto. Before ‘disappearing’ into the warren of alleys west of Fish Street, it pauses for fifteen seconds, scanning the eastern side of the river for signs of a pursuer.

Late in the turn, the red team’s Fieseler Storch spots something unexpected in the north-eastern corner of the map. A Soviet halftrack enters the map circa n2, halts in m2 for thirty seconds for unknown reasons, then continues. When the clock stops, like the Tiger and SU-100, it’s still in motion.

There are other units on the move this turn but all are too small/inconspicuous to be noticed by the spotter planes.

^ Rough guide to vehicle movement

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  1. Realising that we’ve been spoiled by the action in the previous minute and having consumed the 2-litre plastic bottle of Lech that he smuggled in (officially, this is a Tyskie sponsored event), Colonel K feels it’s time to drain the Kugelpanzer and see what food’s available.

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