The Lions of Lodowice: Turn 6

If there was a Hundred-style win predictor at the bottom of the above screenshot, I reckon the red German section of the bar would be at least 50% longer than the blue Soviet one. Outnumbered 3 to 2 (3 to 1 if you’re counting turrets) the Soviet team will need plenty of guile and luck in coming turns to level the slaying field.

There are no signs of that luck during minute six. This turn both the IS-2 and SU-100 fall foul of Combat Mission: Red Thunder’s occasionally frustrating/unpredictable pathfinding routines.

The IS-2 gets into an awful pickle navigating the western end of North Bridge, and the Soviet TD decides to ignore the last of its waypoints and cover orders, possibly due to the proximity of the Sherman wreck. Fortunately for Fishbreath, the Comment Commander overseeing the IS-2, and copperbottom, the recently-hitched SU-100 shepherd, although the problems delay, they don’t endanger.

While the Red Army sewer shakers are fannying about, the Panther is sitting tight, and the Tiger and the King Tiger are converging on the brewery. When the clock stops, both of the restless felines are still in motion.

^ Rough guide to unit movement

(Next order deadline: Thursday evening, GMT)


  1. Quote: “copperbottom, the recently-hitched SU-100 shepherd”

    I was wondering to whom the pixels in the title banner belonged.


    • Thank you! And many thanks to Tim for the banner drawing – that is beyond awesome. Mrs Copperbottom and I are really touched.

      I do hope the lend-lease whiskeys served at last night’s soviet approved ceilidh aren’t the root cause of the wayward tank driving this morning…

      Ersatz coffees all round.

  2. Whilst there has not been an immediate consequence of these pathing quirks, I think most would agree it places the Soviet side at a considerable disadvantage next turn.

    As a Comment Commander from the German team it feels unfair to take advantage and will detract from our ultimate victory using our superior tactics and the bravery of our troops.

    Can I suggest next turn the German side does not issue any new orders and the Soviet side move only to the locations originally intended this turn. Our Games Moderator can oversee this agreement.

    What do people think?

    Congratulations also to Copper.

    • As a deceased member of the german side, I agree with this. Obviously assuming Tim agrees and can administer it?

    • Well, I was wondering what the banner was about.

      First and foremost, congratulations to Mrs and Mr Copperbottom!

      Regarding SunderLad suggestion, I agree we can have a truce for next turn.

    • You may call me a bad sport or even confrontational, but I am strongly against the correctional hiatus. There are a few reasons that I feel are sensible:

      1) Will we be stopping our game for half a week every time the engine does something weird? It will happen quite often, I am sure. Where are we going to draw the line?

      2) Were not everyone involved aware of the probable weirdness? If I remember correctly, our dear host forewarned us in plain text.

      3) Our pause will not stop the timer that will eventually bring about possibly game-changing infantry.

      4) The CM series is all about units executing orders with a degree of autonomy, which is often not a good thing. This alone gives the game a fun degree of unexpectedness and chaos.

      5) For roleplay purposes we can assume the crew made a few mistakes.

      6) Are we even sure we can capitalize on the situation?

      • The offers of a truce are very considerate, but I’m inclined to agree with Gobser. I chose a path that ran near wreckage knowing fine that that can be problematic. Fishbreath was just unlucky, but that’s CM for you. Besides which, we have show to put on and nothing says “Red Army circa ww2” than getting a right pummeling before turning things around in dramatic fashion…

    • Thanks all for taking the time to respond.

      It looks like normal service is resumed. ‘Cry ‘Havoc!’ etc.

  3. As order execution SNAFUs are, to a certain extent, par for the course in WeGo CM, and not everyone agrees with SunderLad’s chivalrous suggestion, I think the best option is to let individual Comment Commanders act as they see fit in the next turn. If you wish to issue orders as normal, go ahead. If you feel the Soviet team deserve an unmolested sixty, act accordingly.

  4. On a very lightly related note, I came across a broadcast of a Hundred match one evening while on vacation in Scotland, and it was gratifyingly scrutable even to a Yankee like me.

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