The Lions of Lodowice: Turn 5

Ten seconds into this turn’s sixty-second action phase, the two tanks involved in last turn’s surreal square dance meet again. Although both gunners are expecting trouble and, on paper, are equally adept, it’s the triggerman ensconced in the…

…the Henschel turret that is quickest on the draw.

In a cataclysmic instant ‘Lucky’ Leonid becomes ‘Luckless/Late’ Leonid. It’s all over for the Soviet trundler with the inauspicious spawn location and the unfortunate trait.*

* ‘Gephyrophobic’

If the Panther had waited a little longer before reversing towards the map’s lefthand edge, it’s just possible the blue team might have exacted swift revenge for the T-34 loss.

Seconds after the Panzerkampfwagen V completes its cagey retreat, the commander of the repositioned SU-100 is binocularing the clod-sprinkled evidence of the manoeuvre .

Fearing, perhaps, a northward sally from the T-34, the Tiger also reverses into column ‘a’ this turn. With hindsight, had the IS-2 decided to undertake a risky riverbank ramble rather than remain motionless circa b2W, it may well have gained a second scalp.

^ Rough guide to unit movement

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  1. Panther’s commander has hardly any time to celebrate the demise of T-34. The hiper vigilant eye in the sky has been reporting enemy movements with unprecedented accuracy but so did the enemy’s. Yes, he was able to make the correct split second decision and the Panther’s dodged the proverbial bullet but even now the enemy knows exactly which corner of the University court they’ve boxed the Panther in. He paternally puts his hand on the gunner’s shoulder:

    – Now, Klaus, it’s up to you. A single shot is all we get.

    The commander lets his eyes rest behind the lids for a second, hoping that the last of old Pervitin he has distributed among the crew has not yet expired.

    – You know the weak spots better than me. Get ready and wait for my mark.

  2. Glad to see Leonid Ivanovich Arkhipov out of his cupola ready to take on the opposing tank commander with his sidearm – that’s the spirit of a CCM!
    @King Tiger commander – shame on you. Henceforth, Colonel K’s claque will be booing when you are mentioned.

    • Judging by the red cross indicators, I think it is safe to say that comrade Leonid will be unable to perform any meaningful actions any time soon. Unless the tank blows up and he is able to start the Soviet space program early, if unconsciously.

      • I was thinking of the header image which was presumably taken before the KT delivered it’s low blow. When tank gunners fail, having their commanders ready to duke it out with pistols is CCM through and through.

        Having reviewed it on a normal screen, I believe I see an officer’s cap and nose poking out of the German beast – consequently I am prepared to withdraw my hostility.
        Still, Boo! at the gunner for spoiling the fun.

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