Death to Spies is as cheap as a tin of soup right now

Promising! My first hour with Death to Spies: Moment of Truth suggests the 88p I lavished on it earlier today was money well spent. Included in Steam’s ongoing (July 24th to 31st) Stealth Fest, Haggard’s 2009 WW2 sneak-em-up feels like a cross between Hidden & Dangerous and Hitman.

Thus far in my one-man bid to disrupt the Luftwaffe’s Me 163 programme (mission one of seven) I’ve…

  • Slain two sappers and purloined a uniform, Schmeisser, and Kubelwagen.

  • Used said uniform and Kubelwagen to infiltrate and explore a sprawling airbase crawling with guards and erks.

  • Ogled Ju 88s, Bf 109s, and Komets.

  • Been verbally challenged by SS sentries surprised to see a sapper attempting to access the airbase’s main admin block.

  • Acquired, with the help of my dagger, a more appropriate disguise, then slipped into the admin block undetected.

  • And perished in a hail of bullets after loitering suspiciously next to a locked door.

If the next twenty hours are this entertaining, Death for Spies: Moment of Truth may well end up with its own Dusty But Trusty as a reward.


  1. Both “Death of Spies” games are great, I didn’t try latest spiritual successor Alekhine’s Gun.
    Well worth the money, especially if you like old Hitman games. They are difficult and both follow peculiar inverted difficulty progression: latter levels are easier.

  2. Back when these games were new, I was consistently told that they are quite raw, riddled with bugs and gameplay clunckiness, among other things. I remember trying the first installment’s demo all these years ago and finding out that the game followed exactly zero conventions that were already established at this point in time, locking enjoyment behind a steep learning curve which just did not feel worth it at the time.

    I wonder if time and care from the developers have polished these kinks away. Really looking forward to the related piece, should it ever come!

  3. I definitely feel series like this with disparate locals and scenarios all of similar or oddly varying difficulty can really benefit from an open mission list rather than a progressive campaign.

    I’m still sneaking-then-blasting my way through Hidden and Dangerous 2, which has been a real delight. I wish someone on the marketing team had broadcast the concept of “Rainbow Six in World War 2” louder, that I might have listened and enjoyed earlier!

  4. Mere seconds after reading this I browsed over to a british news site and saw the advertisement:
    “Grim black toilet stains ‘melt away’ with just ‘one application’ of this 88p ingredient”
    You have options for your expendable income is all I’m saying.

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