The Lions of Lodowice: Turn 3

Two turns executed, two AFVs exterminated… this year’s play-by-comment CM game is proving extremely deadly. Can we get through sixty seconds of tank-on-tank action without a slaying? Let’s find out.

The lethality of turns 1 and 2 seems to have inspired rather than alarmed the Comment Commanders controlling the King Tiger and IS-2. Both of the super heavyweights manoeuvre aggressively during turn 3.

Proving waypoints aren’t always followed religiously in CMRT, the IS-2 chooses to detour through a low wall on its way to a destination just north of the university. An exchange with the nearby, building-screened Panther – also on the move – seems on the cards, but both AFVs brake before LoS lines clear.

At the other end of the map, showing a remarkable turn of speed, the King Tiger returns to the dingy square where it spawned.

Its choreographer is hoping the T-34-85 will venture south-eastward this turn, and – as it happens – the enemy TC has plotted just such a movement albeit at a speed that makes the German gunner’s job bally tricky. The chap aiming the KwK 43 struggles to track the fast-moving dyspeptic dacha as it emerges from the alley and races past. It’s only when, in the final seconds of the turn, the T-34 comes to an abrupt halt circa d15SE, that he realises the golden opportunity isn’t going to slip through his mittened fingers.

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict what’s likely to happen at the start of turn 4.

Also this sixty…

The Tiger repaired to Fish Street and the SU-100 found a position that gives it a commanding view along Boleslav Bridge and Warsaw Street.

(Next order deadline: Midday, Saturday)


    • The coordinate system, the extremely close range, and the combination of speeds and armour arcs made this encounter a bit of a lottery I’m afraid. In the tests I’ve just run, slightly different waypoint placements produced very different results. (In one test the T-34 struggled to take the corner at the end of the N-S alley and was slain circa c15S by a flank shot. In another, it crosses the King Tiger’s bow at very close range, with a superior gun angle). If you end up slain, don’t blame yourself.

      (That said, with hindsight a ‘hunt’ rather than a ‘fast’ probably would have improved the T-34’s chances.)

      • All part of the fun of combat mission!

        I’m now imagining some sort of Sci-Fi WeGo wargame where the “wibbliness” of the simulation is a resource & mechanic in and of itself: branching turns that you can re-run and re-roll the dice a limited number of times before proceeding to the next set of orders…

        • The idea brings to mind the game 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel. Might be something to it.

          “Wibbliness” is a wonderful word.

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