Communal Combat Mission game imminent

If you’d like to participate in this year’s ‘play-by-comment’ CM clash, keep a close eye on the site during the coming week. I’m hoping to launch the game on Wednesday morning, and – in a break with tradition – the Cornerites that issue the first set of orders will act as commanders for the entire battle.

Don’t expect anything as elaborate or lengthy as Operation Oryx. In a return to the origins of the format, this will be a low-headcount skirmish with relatively terse turn reports. Do expect…


  1. I’ve been wondering if PvP was a thing you were ever going to try. Looking forward to the new format.

    • The scenario will be an armour-only affair. Thanks to the Storch and the Po-2 circling overhead, both sides will know exactly where enemy AFVs are at the start of each turn. Uncertainty/FoW will be injected into proceedings by ‘hidden’ order issuing and another TBC mechanism.

      It might not work, but I think it’s a worthwhile experiment.

  2. I hope CMRT allows sufficient texture modding that we might see “Crush the airlift vipers!” versus “For the THC motherland!”

  3. I loved the timeliness of Operation Oryx (flooded dams in the news again eh lads?!) but I 100% agree on the smaller scale. It can get intimidating to wade into the fray of a moving platoon and still try to direct your particular mini-mans to safety (or heaven-forbid, victory)

    I was skeptical about the idea of first-commander-sticks, until I got to the PVP listing.

    Definitely curious to see how the communal hive-mind reconciles with itself. Sign me up for one (likely ill-fated) iron flame-belcher when the whistle blows!

  4. I am not 100% sure on how being a commander for the entire battle is meant, exactly. If it is one player one unit I wonder if even the most engaged commenter might feel it a bit more burdensome instead of motivating after several turns.

    But I am all for trying out a novel approach. Even if – or rather – especially when things break, you learn a lot.

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