Solo Foxer #122

Unlike the formidable Friday foxers, the Monday kind are designed with lone truth sleuths in mind. While Roman, my Chief Foxer Setter, would be very interested to know how long it takes you to defox today’s brainteaser, he requests that the comments section isn’t used to share solutions or drop hints.

“Where am I?”

Using the following clues (the map above is purely decorative) in combination with Street View (all Solo Foxer solutions are Street Viewable), MAPfrappe, and other online tools, work out my location. The answer will appear under next Monday’s solo foxer.

Today, you’ll find me in the UK. About 1.5km from the nearest quarry and two miles from the nearest railway track, I’m in a county that won every Benson & Hedges Cup final it participated in, and elected eight times more Tory MPs than Labour ones at the last general election. The closest motorway is under five miles away and shares its alphanumeric identifier with an assault rifle. Equilatitudinous with a sister city of Lourdes, and equilongitudinous with an island where oddly attired odd-toed ungulates can be seen, I’m due north of the nearest golf course and the nearest prison.

You’re probably in the right place if you can see…

  • Masts
  • Shingle
  • A Volvo V70
  • An AA van
  • A floatplane
  • Public toilets
  • A massive chimney that no longer exists

I’m not in Pont-à-Mousson.

(Last week I was here)


  1. 2nd week in a row I’m throwing in the towel after an hour and 90% of the work done. Found everything but the words within a short distance, but not from one spot. But there is a week left for me to stump up some fortitude and get this done. Good luck all!

    • Got it with 9 seconds left on the “Edit Comment” timer. Rewarding myself with an icecream.

  2. (I hope this doesn’t count as a spoiler) Roman must have had his binoculars with him that day!

    Somewhat less than an hour altogether over a few sessions, quite a bit of which was “walking” time in Street View.

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