Friday Foxer #119

Every Friday at 1300 hours, Tally-Ho Corner’s cleverest clogs come together to solve a ‘foxer’ handcrafted by my sadistic chum and colleague, Roman. A complete ‘defoxing’ sometimes takes several days and usually involves the little grey cells of many readers. Don’t be shy. All are welcome to participate.

The ‘cluster foxer’ is regarded by some as the most demanding form. Solving one involves identifying 25 pictures and five hidden themes. The enlargeable mosaic below consists of five interlocked picture clusters (some possible cluster arrangements are shown above) each with its own theme. Themes have nothing in common with each other. Don’t be surprised to find, for example, “Crocodiles”, “Tulip mania”, “Words beginning with “ter””, “1948” and “Fictional policemen” sharing a puzzle. A picture’s connection to a particular theme won’t always be literal. An image of the Brandenburg Gate is just as likely to be part of a “Bach” cluster as a “Berlin” one.

* * *


Last week’s hive foxer theme: motorbikes (defoxed by Zwack23 and Colonel_K)

ace cafe (Colonel_K)
ago (a_monk)
aprilia (a_monk)
brmc (Colonel_K)
bsa (Colonel_K)
einspur (Electric Dragon)
electra glide (Colonel_K)
enduro (Colonel_K)
flat twin (Electric Dragon)
flying flea (a_monk)
hayabusa (a_monk)
knievel (Electric Dragon, a_monk)
pillion (Zwack23)
rossi (a_monk)
sidecarcross (Colonel_K, a_monk)
ujm (a_monk)
wall of death (a_monk)
wheelie (Zwack23)


  1. E5. FIRST BATTLE OF GAZA, 26 March 1917, Positions at 18:30
    (Australian 2nd Light Horse Brigade in vicinty of Sheikh Radwan)

  2. A3. MARVIN the Paranoid Android from 80s BBC TV series Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    (apparently released several pop singles)

  3. Bees.
    A1. Sweat – news to me, Halictidae subfamily
    C2. (European wool) Carder
    (Creativ Company Hand carders, Size 20×11 cm, 1 Pair – £100.15 ! )
    B2. Cuckoo ? – within the Apidae family

  4. Bees.
    A1. Sweat
    A2. Carpenter
    B2. Cuckoo ?
    C2. (European) Wool Carder
    C3. Jack MASON

    (Befuddled for a long time by A2. and the absence of Bazooka Bees)

  5. Darn it!
    I would’ve saved considerable banging of my head if I looked over what I first wrote, viz:
    “D2. CALAMITY JANE, Martha Jane Cannary (May 1, 1852 – August 1, 1903)”

    Events of 1903
    B4. Opening of Kalka-Shimla railway – opened for traffic on 9 November 1903
    C4. ??
    D4. Frank slide – 4:10 a.m. on April 29, 1903.
    D3. ??
    D2. Death of Calamity Jane – August 1, 1903

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