Friday Foxer #68

Every Friday at 1300 hours, Tally-Ho Corner’s cleverest clogs come together to solve a ‘foxer’ handcrafted by my sadistic chum and colleague, Roman. A complete ‘defoxing’ sometimes takes several days and usually involves the little grey cells of many readers. Don’t be shy. All are welcome to participate.

To completely defox today’s word chain you’ll need to provide Roman with the sequence of 24 words suggested by the clues below.

A word can be any length and is linked to the next word in the chain by its last two, three, or four letters. For instance ‘honeysuckle’ might be followed by ‘leviathan’. ‘Handel’ could come next. Then ‘delta’. And so on. Complicating things a tad are the six green italicised clues. These have been shuffled. For example “A British SPG you won’t find at the Bovington Tank Museum” probably doesn’t refer to word #8.

1. A town in Northern Ireland
2. The province where this picture was taken
3. A word that links John Betjeman, Jade Helm 15, and Antonio Gramsci
4. What’s left of him is on show here
5. A destructive Ukrainian river
6. The scene of a war crime in the year this man was born
7. Where this pic was taken
8. A British SPG you won’t find at the Bovington Tank Museum
9. A formidable inhabitant of Deadwind Pass
10. Something you might find in a Roman bathhouse
11. A word that can go before murder, pine, and movement
12. The island this airport serves
13. This creature bears his name
14. A music venue that once stood close to this spot
15. A 1980s Mexican automobile
16. You’ll find one of his sculptures on this street
17. A city and a cheese
18. The company that built this loco
19. A Yalta Conference attendee who died in the year this photo was taken
20. The writer of this book
21. There’s more than one of them in this picture
22. This station
23. This actress
24. The first name of this medal winner


    • As 16 at 4 is Ernst, then this is wrong as it needs to start ST. Four options, Stokhid (or Stokhud), Stryi, Styr and Stsviha.

      Best option is STOKHID (or STOKHUD) as it was a front line in WW1 and as many as 1.5m troops died around it.

  1. 24* is a US Naval submariner

    The bottom thing is Submarine Combat Patrol insignia only awarded during WW2; and the top thing a Submarine Warfare Insignia (usually known as ‘”fish”‘).

  2. I can’t read enough of 13 to google for a transcription – anyone good at French handwriting? 🙂

  3. 1. LURGAN
    2. GANSU
    16. ERNST
    5. STOKHID?**
    6. GNADENHUTTEN?** (5 and 6 can’t both be right)
    7. TENERIFE?
    20. The writer of this book
    9. A formidable inhabitant of Deadwind Pass
    10. Something you might find in a Roman bathhouse
    11. UMBRELLA
    24. LAWSON
    13. This creature bears his name
    15. LERMA
    4. MARENGO
    17. GOUDA
    19. PORTAL
    8. ALECTO
    21. TOMPION
    22. ONGAR
    23. GARAI
    12. RAIVAVAE

  4. I’m drawing a blank on the book in 20 – the uniform looks like it might be Black Watch judging from the sporran but I can’t work out where that is a drawing of.

  5. 13 – I can’t find the animal but a French naturalist that fits fore and aft is Pierre SONNERAT.

  6. Looks like we’re left with the World of Warcraft character at 9 and the Roman bath constituent at 10 (for which knowing that it ends in -UM is possibly the least helpful word part we’ve ever had as it covers all of them).

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