Friday Foxer #12

Every Friday at 1300 hours, Tally-Ho Corner’s cleverest clogs come together to solve a ‘foxer’ handcrafted by my sadistic chum and colleague, Roman. A complete ‘defoxing’ sometimes takes several days and usually involves the little grey cells of many readers. Don’t be shy. All are welcome to participate.

Rithmetic foxers are equations disguised as picture sequences. Each pic in the three specimens below represents a number or fraction (For example a photo of The Flying Scotsman might signify 4472, 462, or 3). It’s your job to identify the mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) indicated by the lettered squares. The BIDMAS rule applies. If a solution involves brackets or indices, Roman will mention it.

* * *



Last week’s missing vowels foxer (’33 things wot are pink’)

1. JPR – jaipur (Nutfield)
2. PPPP G – peppa pig (Nutfield, CousinJack)
3. RFTR NDSD RN GT HGL FWR – raf tornados during the gulf war (Nutfield)
4. SHF FLDN TDSW YKT – sheffield united’s away kit (Nutfield)
5. T HFNN CLTMS – the financial times (Nutfield)
6. PLRTSD JMR – pleurotus djamor (Colonel_K)
7. NTHR DFN PLT NCC R M – one third of neopolitan ice cream (captaincabinets)
8. SS TRSR VNT SFTHH LYS PRTFP RP TLD RTN – sister-servants of the holy spirit of perpetual adoration (Nutfield)
9. RSCN STNCS PRY – rosa constance spry (Nutfield)
10. SSS TG R – uss sea tiger (ylla)
11. N KDM LRT – naked mole rat (Nutfield)

12. D RN R – daria-i-noor (Phlebas)
13. BRSTCN CRWRNS SR BBN – breast cancer awareness ribbon (captaincabinets)
14. L CBT HMR – alecia beth moore (AFKAMC)
15. HMM RSMTHN DCT YLN – hammersmith and city line (Nutfield)
16. GLH – galah (captaincabinets, ylla)
17. LDYPN LPCRG HTNW R DSCR – lady penelope creighton-ward’s car (Nutfield, AFKAMC)
18. CK TLM DFRMG NGRN DNN DG GW HT – cocktail made from gin grenadine and egg white (Nutfield)
19. D NC SRHTL – don cesar hotel (Nutfield, AFKAMC)
20. CND YFLSS – candy floss (Nutfield)
21. THB RTSHM PR – the british empire (Nutfield)
22. MNM NTTSV TTNKC R WSNP RG – monument to soviet tank crews in prague (Nutfield)

23. HT TLGN – hutt lagoon (captaincabinets)
24. ST VBSC MNRSR VRDG S – steve buscemi in reservoir dogs (Nutfield)
25. MZ NRVRDLP HN – amazon river dolphin (Nutfield)
26. NHND RDY NBN KNT – one-hundred yuan banknote (Nutfield)
27. PCHBLS SM – peach blossom (captaincabinets)
28. HM SKNY – hms kenya (AFKAMC)
29. TRMSLT – taramasalata (Nutfield)
30. BN DDSP RTWT HSN DNDT WN T YN – band-aids pre two thousand and twenty one (captaincabinets, AFKAMC, ylla, Nutfield)
31. RTHWRM – earthworm (captaincabinets, Nutfield)
32. TRN GLSWR NBYSMCN CNT RTNCM PN MTS – triangles worn by some concentration camp inmates (Nutfield)
33. BRBRCRTLN D – barbara cartland (Nutfield)


    • I’m not any more of an expert on trains, but I think it’s the later 119 revision – the outer corner of the windows has a pronounced angle.

  1. If Blue/Green left of A was the USS Harry S Truman or Kiev hotel then it would be 75 and fit nicely, but I don’t think it is, so i think i’m done!

    • Close. The King’s Dragoon Guards betray this as Salerno ’43. Presumably, then, the total is 43 or 1943.

  2. Right of purple = is from Stonehenge by way of Google maps. I can’t figure out what that circle on the ground is.

  3. Blue-Green, left of a,-43.169696,3a,90y,339.29h,103.95t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipNHPdvwIXT8PBvm-G-3iBMIKBt7Ml00fH7j3wih!2e10!3e11!!7i11264!8i5632

    I think it’s Brazil’s aircraft carrier Sao Paolo (pennant A12), formerly France’s Foch.

    12 x 7 + 1907 = 1991

    Pennant A12
    Fokker F. VII
    1907 Oklahoma statehood
    1991 Year of issue for stamp

  4. Purple, left of f
    Insignia of the German football/soccer club FC Schalke 04.

    I don’t know whether this means we should get out and experience more sport, or if we’re here _because_ we don’t get out and experience sport.

    Ker’mon yu vermilions!

    • So the parts proposed for purple are
      97983 OR 500 OR 1951
      2 OR 3
      = 43 OR 1943

      It looks like, after brackets, it should come out as 4*5+23, but I can’t get it to go.

      • The best I can do is:

        4 + (500 – 308) / 12 + 23 + 0 = 43

        But then we need a plane with a 12 in it.

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