Friday Foxer #8

The “col” in fridayfoxercol.jpg is short for collaboration. Although today’s co-op puzzles (there are two) have been executed by Roman, they owe their themes and the majority of their clues to guest foxer setters. Colonel_K populated most of the hexagons in the following hive foxer, and eye-opening emails from a reader I can’t name for fear of letting the fox out of the bag, inspired the collage puzzle.

The honeycomb below is a fancy form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each hive foxer has a theme (some past ones: gloves, mazes, earthquakes, and The 39 Steps). Identifying the theme is a vital part of the defoxing process. Colonel_K’s puzzle is composed of 13 answers.

Our second foxer is decidedly old school. To defox this collage, identify the hidden theme and explain why each of the components is present.

* * *


Last week’s geofoxer theme: annularity (defoxed by chrisol)

a – krimsky bridge, moscow – garden ring (ylla)
b – home of jrr tolkien, oxford – lord of the rings (Phlebas)
c – super photon ring 8 gev, sayo town, japan – particle accelerator
d – slagelse trelleborg – ring fort (chrisol, Maquisard)
e – newark air museum – lee-richards annular biplane (AKAMC)
f – gammel strand – copenhagen cityringen (Viscount, ylla)
g – plaza de toros méxico – bullring (Viscount, chrisol)
h – m25 near Merstham – london’s orbital motorway (ylla)
i – bayreuth opera house – wagner’s ring cycle (chrisol)
j – west lake street, chicago – “the loop” (chrisol)
k – gchq – “the doughnut” (chrisol)
l – leptis magna – circular amphitheatre (Viscount)


  1. a) Teehee!

    b) On the collage, the photo of the man on the left is from the Wikipedia entry ‘Punt gun’.

  2. Collage: figure in the centre looking upward is the character Alex Rogan from movie The Last Starfighter.

  3. captaincabinets

    Collage, airport map in lower right is for Ramstein AIr Base, headquarters for the USAF in Europe.

  4. Honeycomb: starting A2 and occupying upper left corner: MESON (sub-atomic particle).

  5. Honeycomb, starting far right row C: BIRD OF HERMES

  6. captaincabinets

    Honeycomb C5: PHILOSOPHER

  7. Honeycomb, starting E5: RIPLEY
    Maybe related to Bird of Hermes?
    Edit: I think captaincabinets has the better suggestion, but it would be PHILOSOPHER’S STONE

  8. captaincabinets

    Collage: Building photo from top left seems to have a sign for KLM if you zoom way in, although I haven’t gotten any further than that.

  9. Honeycomb: Ripley’s alchemical scrolls
    Far right row I: HOMUNCULI
    G1: GRAPES

  10. captaincabinets

    SERPENT at M1?

  11. captaincabinets


  12. captaincabinets


  13. captaincabinets


  14. a) Harrumph! I won’t make the mistake of setting so easy a subject next time.

    b) The stamp in the top right of the collage I think comes from “Republik Maluku Selatan” (the South Moluccas). I’ve yet to identify the actual stamp and its subject.

    Seems these stamps maybe “Bogus” as they’re not officially produced. Something about staying part of the Netherlands

    • captaincabinets

      Well the honeycomb was the highlight of my day, so thank you!

    • Thanks. I’m normally a bit lost with the honeycomb puzzles, but “Bird of Hermes” was too long to be coincidental, and from then on Google was my friend.

  15. Collage: Is the theme the 1977 Dutch train siege?

    Republic of South Maluku, De Punt and F-104 Starfighters were all involved.

  16. Collage: Sign on the right can be found at Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten:

  17. The pixelated people are from Hijack, on the Spectrum.

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