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Want to turn a green lane into a brown lane, tow a Gulaschkanone across a snowy field, or roam the Western Desert trashing Axis airfields? Get a 4×4. Want quick introductions to games of interest to realism relishers and old…

Where am I? (FdO2)

On the trail of the fabulous Fox d’Or? Although the trophy isn’t at the location indicated by the following clues, finding the fox’s secluded den will be impossible if you don’t manage to solve today’s brainteaser.

Demo Disc

A minute’s silence in memory of the demo disc, if you please. Coup de grâced by broadband, the wafer of wonders* that once clung limpet-like to the front cover of almost every games mag is no more. Denied these monthly…

Where am I? (FdO1)

On the trail of the fabulous Fox d’Or? For reasons that will become clear in coming weeks, identifying the next few “Where am I?” locations will help you in your search.

D-Day Defeats

The dense ‘D-Day 80’ coverage on British TV and radio has shaped my reading and gaming this week. Stephen Ambrose’s Pegasus Bridge has been reminding me just how close Operation Coup de Main came to failure and just how gruesome…