Friday Foxer #183

This week’s handmade co-op puzzle won’t defox itself. If you’re a dab hand at quizzes, lateral thinking, and search engine sleuthing, why not help out.

To fully defox the following geofoxer, identify all twelve locations plus the theme that links them.

* * *


Last week’s hive foxer theme: Zimbabwe (defoxed by Zwack23)

bhundu boys (ylla)
chevrons (Zwack23, ylla)
great dyke (ylla)
gucci grace (Zwack23, ylla)
gukurahundi (Zwack23)
mbira (Colonel_K)
nkomo (Zwack23)
ruwa ufo ()
sadza (Colonel_K)
salisbury (Zwack23)
shangani patrol (Colonel_K)
the grass is singing (Colonel_K)
zanu-pf (Zwack23)
zig (ylla)
zimplats (ylla)


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