Where am I?

Using the following clues (the map above is purely decorative) in combination with Street View, work out my location.

Although Roman, THC’s chief puzzlewright, would be interested to know how long it takes you to solve this solo foxer, he’d rather you didn’t put spoilers or solutions in the comments.

Today you’ll find me 8.6 miles from a steam locomotive manufactured in Stafford, 2.7 miles from the nearest runway, and 1.2 kilometres from the nearest metro station. Said station has a name that might make you think of sub sims, and the runway in question was once streaked by the tyres of de Havilland Vampires. Roughly four miles from a long/sinuous cable-stayed bridge, I’m closer to the nearest Disneyland than I am to the nearest nuclear power station. A twenty minute drive from a Biblical vessel of impressive proportions, I’m a few hundred metres outside a significant ring road. The number of the ring road could be communicated using a single blue and white NATO number flag.

You are probably in the right place if you can see…

  • A pink bicycle
  • A red-crowned crane
  • A white Mini
  • Counterweights
  • A Baptist church
  • Bamboo scaffolding
  • A ‘No U-Turns’ sign
  • An Alexander Dennis Enviro500
  • The words ’16 SEATS’
  • The words ‘ThickenUP’

(Last week I was here)


  1. A pink bicycle ahoy! I really enjoyed this one. I mean I enjoy them all but this one had a excellent “this is impossible, no hang on, ahh, of course” moment. Somewhere under half an hour all told.

  2. One of the unwritten rules of the Solo Foxer is that if there’s even a tiny chance of ambiguity then you’re bound to start searching at the wrong end. A crossing too far.

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