Friday Foxer #167

This week’s handmade co-op puzzle won’t defox itself. If you’re a dab hand at quizzes, lateral thinking, and search engine sleuthing, why not help out.

To fully defox the following geofoxer, identify all twelve locations plus the theme that links them.

* * *


Last week’s cluster foxer:

the disappearance of lars mittank (defoxed by Phlebas)
a1. golden sands (Phlebas)
a2. lars (Colonel_K)
a3. kostov (Phlebas)
a4. werder bremen (Zwack23)
a5. hotel color varna (Phlebas)

the 1964 movie ‘the train’ (defoxed by Phlebas)
b1. jeu de paume (ylla)
c1. lancaster (Colonel_K, Phlebas)
d1. christine (Zwack23)
e1. waldheim (Electric Dragon)
b2. pont-a-mousson (Electric Dragon)

words beginning with ‘her’ (defoxed by Colonel_K)
c2. herm (Colonel_K)
b3. hermann hesse (Electric Dragon)
c3. hermes (Electric Dragon)
d3. hermila galindo (Aergistal)
c4. hermit (Zwack23)

leonardo da vinci painting, lady with an ermine (defoxed by Colonel_K)
d2. cecilia (Colonel_K)
e2. ermine (Phlebas, Electric Dragon)
e3. czartoryski museum (Colonel_K)
d4. walnut (ylla)
e4. the monuments men (Zwack23)

artificial islands (defoxed by Colonel_K)
b4. spike island (Phlebas)
b5. burj al arab (Phlebas, Viscount)
c5. dejima (Colonel_K)
d5. harbor island (Phlebas, Colonel_K)
e5. kankūjima (Aergistal)


  1. C. Anna Connelly – inventor of the predecessor of the modern outdoor fire escape, patented in August 1877

    Less confident about an answer for L: Lillian Moller Gilbreth ?
    – inventor of the pedal bin in the 1920s; picture doesn’t show a pedal bin, obviously
    (also added shelves to the inside of fridge doors)

    Many of the answers given so far can be found on this page:
    which, in typical Wikipedia error fashion, has Melitta Bentz as both German and UK. In her UK incarnation she’s credited with creating the Berkley Horse, a BDSM apparatus, your honour, eighty years before she was born.

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