Where am I?

Using the following clues (the map above is purely decorative) in combination with Street View and tools such as MAPfrappe, work out my location.

Although Roman, THC’s chief puzzlewright, would be interested to know how long it takes you to solve this solo foxer, he’d rather you didn’t put spoilers or solutions in the comments.

Today, you’ll find me on an island that has a permanent population of less than 700 people. The island can be reached by bridge or ferry. About 120 metres from a lifeboat station and 1.5 kilometres from the site of a Viking settlement, I’m in a country where the Labour Party leader is female, and railways remain in public ownership. Said country’s newest warship was constructed in England. I’m equilatitudinous with the giraffe enclosure of a European zoo that’s older than Copenhagen Zoo, and equilongitudinous with a West African country that hit the news last week. The nearest lighthouse has a connection with a famous Englishman, and the nearest national park covers roughly forty square miles.

You’re probably in the right place if you can see…

  • A sink
  • An orange Unimog
  • Crab/lobster pots
  • A car ferry
  • A Freelander
  • A word beginning with K spelled out with flags
  • A chattering of starlings?

I’m not in Pont-à-Mousson.

(Last week I was here)


  1. Sink ahoy!

    Relatively gentle one this week, fairly quick to identify the country, narrowed down the island quickly, took an educated guess at the location on my first pin drop, to find I was within a few steps of the answer. Less than 20 minutes.

  2. Flags ahoy! I found in around 30 minutes; I misread the hints and took some time to find the right island,but I conveniently dropped the pin pretty much at the spot on the first try.

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