The COINy Angola ’86 costs 85 ten pence pieces

The news that the third of Every Single Soldier’s novel COIN wargames is finally available on Steam gives me a (feeble) excuse to type a word I’ve never typed before, and have an Omugulugwombashe at THC’s first rolling review. Starting tomorrow, this site will carry short daily articles chronicling my first week with Afghanistan ’11’s intriguingly intricate follow-up.

The attractively priced Angola ’86 isn’t finished yet (a GUI overhaul and air ops are in the pipeline) but hopefully the Early Access build currently deployed is sufficiently robust, navigable, and engrossing to keep me happily Bush Warring until this time next week. No doubt, tomorrow’s paragraphs will contain some trenchant thoughts on the tutorials and the embedded manual. Fingers-crossed it will also feature a description of my first victorious clash with SWAPO insurgents.

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