The Lions of Lodowice: Turn 14

In Poland a person with a great sense of humour is sometimes said to “laugh like a Lodowician”. The Silesian city shows its mirthful/mischievous side halfway through Turn 14 when a Studebaker truck barrelling along Copernicus Street decides to explode for no apparent reason. Are there German infiltrators on the east bank of the Vistula already? Did a butter-fingered Ivan drop a grenade? Unfortunately I can’t answer that question without compromising the thick foot-unit Fog-of-War currently blanketing the battlefield.

Sorry, neutrals. This is another turn where Stuff Happened but I’m unable to describe 85% of that stuff without giving the teams unearned intel.

What I can say without letting cats out of Operation Bagrations is…

The Tiger padded from the south side of the planetarium to the north side during this sixty. After backing towards the western map edge it made for a shady spot circa b9SW, loitered for a spell, then reversed back in the direction it had come.

Perhaps ten seconds before the clock stopped, the German truck on Fish Street decided it wanted to head north.

While the SU-100 sat tight, the nearby halftrack scuttled south. The HT ends the turn in the vicinity of j8W. A short forward move would put it in a narrow alley from which a patch of the western river bank close to the end of Boleslav Bridge would be visible.

^ Rough guide to recent vehicular movement

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