Friday Foxer #144

This week’s handmade co-op puzzle won’t defox itself. If you’re a dab hand at quizzes, lateral thinking, and search engine sleuthing, why not help out.

Veteran defoxer Colonel_K supplied the theme and the bulk of the clues for this collage foxer. Roman merely tweaked here and there, and applied some PaintShop pizzazz. As usual, ID the hidden theme and explain the presence of each component to complete the defox.

* * *


Last week’s ‘33 Things Wot You Might Find in China’ missing vowels foxer

1. JN – jian () or juno (Nutfield)
2. TN KMN – tank man (Nutfield)
3. LBBR D – liubo board (Colonel_K)
4. BN QDMFL R – Banqiao Dam failure (Phlebas)
5. SL TPLC – salt police () or salt palace (Electric Dragon)
6. CL RLCHN NLT – Claire Lee Chennault (Colonel_K)
7. TNHC RM DL – Tianhe core module (Colonel_K)
8. MNGMN G – ming ming (Electric Dragon)
9. HML N – hua mulan (Colonel_K)
10. TG RLPN GGRG – tiger leaping gorge (ylla)
11. XNPP R – xuan paper (Colonel_K)

12. MPR SSDWG RCX – Empress Dowager Cixi (Nutfield)
13. CH NG DJ – chengdu j-20 (Colonel_K)
14. RDC TNC MP – re-education camp (Colonel_K)
15. F VGRTKL NS – five great kilns (Nutfield)
16. KYNG – keying (a_monk)
17. W W – ai weiwei (Zwack23)
18. GR TLPFRW RD – great leap forward (Nutfield)
19. RPTNGCRS SBW – repeating crossbow (Nutfield)
20. G NTW LDGSP GD – Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (Phlebas)
21. PX – pixiu () or puxi (Phlebas)
22. LTSS H – lotus shoe (Nutfield)

23. SRCLTR – sericulture (Phlebas)
24. YNG TZLLGTR – yangtze alligator (Nutfield)
25. FRBD DNCTY – forbidden city (Zwack23)
26. RBR TFRTN – robert fortune (ylla)
27. LT TLR DBK – little red book (Nutfield)
28. JDB RLS T – jade burial suit (Nutfield)
29. NNJN GDCD – nanjing decade (Colonel_K)
30. NLC TSFCN FCS – Analects of Confucius (Nutfield)
31. WR LDSLR GSTSTNBD DH – worlds largest stone buddha (Nutfield)
32. T HSR CFT HCV DPN D MC – the source of the COVID-19 pandemic (Nutfield)
33. SC TYFRG HTSNDH RM NSFS TS – Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists (Nutfield)


  1. Stamp – Tall Ships Stamp Cutty Sark 1869 Brick “Hector Ship” Transportation S/S MNH (Mrs Nutfield) – Togolese

  2. I’m getting a James Bond feeling link between them, i think the link is Bond Villains.

    HECTOR Gonzales
    General ORZOV
    TOJO was the wrestling name of Oddjob.

        • General Gogol appears in other films, but I think Orlov is only in Octopussy?

          For Your Eyes Only has:
          Oddjob (TOJO)
          NAMUR (Emile Loque escaped from prison there)
          HECTOR Gonzales

          Roger Moore Bond films, maybe?

  3. The thing below the Stilt fighters is a steam powered fire engine, but can’t find the exact model or city it is from.

  4. Still not solved? Tut, tut.
    Anyway, must dash. I have a meeting in the park with the opposition about an abducted scientist.
    (Exits humming)

    (The above is probably more crimson Surströmming than clue)

    Disappointed my man Odoric of Pordenone didn’t make last week’s Things found in China Foxer.

  5. In a final effort to get this I’ve collated all the clues with a guess at what the relevant detail is:

    Stilt jousting in the Belgian city of Namur

    Aleksandr Orlov, Russian defector (and insurance meerkat)

    Row Row Row Your Boat, song sung in rounds

    Stamp “Hector Ship” from Togo, most famous journey migrating settlers from Scotland to Nova Scotia

    White Sands missile range site in New Mexico, site of V2 testing, first atomic bomb test, Nike Hercules missile pictured

    V2 missile

    General Tojo as depicted on a US “Enemy Ears Are Listening!”

    Panther (tank)

    Button’s Hand Fire Engine No. 1 – hand-powered rather than steam. In Springfield, MA.


    Powder Tower in Prague

    Palisades Toys logo, maker of licensed toys from films and TV, maybe it’s one of their shows

    I’ve run through many themes but nothings working
    Any ideas? We’re running out of time.

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