Road to Glory is great/gratis

In Simulatia, ubiquitous WW2 vehicles like the Sd.Kfz. 250 and the M3 are always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Offerings like Road to Glory that insist you ride a halftrack into battle are almost unheard of.

The handiwork of a talented one-man-band called Some Random Designing, Road to Glory is a free, memorable, low-complexity Eastern Front artillery spotter sim which makes up for in atmosphere and action what it lacks in realism.

The game tasks you with calling in stonks on Soviet armour while keeping yourself and your dinky formation of halftracks and armoured cars alive. Scores, lives, saves, gears, ammo counts, unit upgrades, and alternative cameras, are all spurned. Apart from seeding the odd smokescreen, consulting a hull-top map from time to time, and altering the behaviour of wingmen with a stance toggle key, your focus is entirely on WASDing your way to and from promising vantage points and cursor-painting any juicy targets visible from those vantage points.

Help eliminate all opposition and the day ends and the campaign advances.

Great audio and lighting effects and plausible radio banter delivered via on-screen text, make the occasional pathfinding SNAFUs of wingmen, easy to overlook. The fact that you must start again from scratch every time your Sd.Kfz. 250 (?) is KOed gives mistakes, miscalculations, and misfortune added piquancy and underlines the dev’s low-key message rather nicely.

A Road to Glory with infantry, and longer engagement ranges and order execution delays, would sell like hot piroshki I suspect.


  1. Has anyone else been struggling with the “press E to change ammo type” on Road to Glory? I seem to end up accidentally firing smoke at myself quite a lot – which could be worse I admit, I could be shelling myself with HE!!!

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