The Lions of Lodowice: Turn #0

All eight AFVs in Tally-Ho Corner’s first PvP play-by-comment Combat Mission game now have volunteer commanders and these commanders have randomly selected their initial positions. By chance most of the Soviet machines start on the eastern side of the Vistula and most of the German ones on the western side.

Black = German AFVs (Jagdpanzer, Panther, Tiger, and King Tiger). Red = Soviet AFVs (IS-2, SU-100, T-34-85, and M4)

The exceptions are the T-34-85 which commences the thirty-turn WEGO clash in a walled brewery yard circa c13…

…and the Jagdpanzer IV which starts in a small grove of trees near the river bank circa e2.

With a Tiger and a King Tiger within 100 metres of its position, and the Panther, Tiger, and Jagdpanzer currently eyeing the closest bridge, the first few turns for the speedy Soviet medium tank could be sweaty.

The turretless German tank destroyer’s initial position is almost as unenviable. Not far from the IS-2 and SU-100 it could make a dash for the relative safety of the western bank, but this would mean using the northern bridge, an option not without risk.

With only [redacted]AP at its disposal, the IS-2 will need to make every shot count in the coming exchanges. Fortunately, as the [redacted] rounds in question are 122mm monsters, struck targets are unlikely to require further attention.

Any German unit wishing to use the central Boleslav Bridge early in proceedings will potentially have to run the gauntlet of the SU-100. The capable Soviet TD starts with a useful keyhole view in the direction of the brewery.

The Sherman M4A2(76)W is, I think I’m right in saying, the only AFV involved in the battle with the ability to [redacted]. Theoretically it could swap rounds with the Panther early in the battle, but such a confrontation would be fraught with danger.

As Lodowice’s more labyrinthine quarters weren’t designed with hefty MBTs in mind, perverse pathfinding within them isn’t, I’m afraid, out of the question. As an example, when I gave the King Tiger this movement order during a playtest, it chose to travel to its destination via the route indicated with the dotted green line. Bear this in mind when issuing orders in cramped locales, Comment Commanders!

(NB: The vehicle facings shown in the screenshots accompanying this piece aren’t set in stone. Initial vehicle direction can be chosen during the first order round)


  1. Very excited to see this underway! The random set-up seemed to have favored the german side, lets see how it goes.

  2. Curious to see how this turns out, it’s a fun concept!

    I assume there’s some kind of turn limit?

    • Wars don’t have turn limits son!

      But I suspect the eventual arrival of increasing infantry will put an end to players performances

    • Its a 30-turn scenario. I was hoping to post the first turn report this morning but have postponed to Sunday to allow a little more order discussion/finalisation time. If all goes well, the second turn report will appear next Thursday.

  3. Good luck, comment commanders.

    I couldn´t fail to notice that there are some wrecks on the map already. The one on the eastern bank looks like it aims to demonstrate how easy it would be to get into a keyhole position overlooking the riverbanks.

    I do hope for some pluck and vim. But I expect an initial phase of sly maneuvering and hide and seek before all hell breaks loose in the course of just a few chaotic and explosive turns.

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