Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital’s forty pence ‘demo’

I don’t recall Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital’s vitals ever being as attractively priced as they are right now. Besides tutorials, the core game may only include two WW2 and two Vietnam War scenarios, but as those scenarios cost, in effect, ten pence each, and can be radically rebalanced, generously extended, and played from either side, I reckon the phrase ‘unmissable bargain’ is warranted.

You can read my thoughts on LnLTD here.

While the numerous add-ons haven’t been price-slashed as vigorously as the base game, if you’re willing to spend, say, another six to eight quid you can get yourself a rich military TBT with considerable entertainment potential.

As the Battle Generator/Editor (£4.30) opens the door to random skirmishes, and campaigns in which persistent purchasable units contest up to nine randomly generated engagements, it would be top of my list of essential DLC. Grab a themed battle pack such as Heroes of the Nam #1 (£3.60) or Heroes of Normandy #1 (£2.15) too, and you’re truly set.

Strangely, LnLTD’s workshop is sleepy compared to bustling depots such as this one. The most popular add-on with amateur scenario smiths seems to be the slim Battles to the Rhine and that has only spawned fourteen user-made scraps thus far.


  1. Well at that price point, its certainly worth a try from me! I enjoyed Wars Across the World’s willingness to chase unusual conflicts, particularly the 1916 Easter Rising, but it never quite hooked me in. I have to confess the sharp art and hero/leadership concepts are what draw me in here.

    I’ve tossed my coins into the wishing pool on the base-game, but that editor/campaign builder looks awfully tempting as well.

    • I am enjoying it, but this is definitely not a pickup and go affair! The manual is 288 pages, but I’d like to take time with a tutorial

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