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For a while now I’ve had the nagging feeling that Tally-Ho Corner was lacking something vital. Holidaying in Dorset a few weeks ago I finally realised what that something was. THC doesn’t have an official beer!

Although scouring the country globe for an appropriate ale may take years, and I am to beer reviewing what Alan Partridge is to wine appreciation, it’s a task I’m willing to take on. Call me dedicated if you like, call me selfless, but the perfect yeast-fermented, hop-flavoured beverage to sup whilest browsing THC will be found.

Actually, I think I may have stumbled on the ideal inebriator already. Made in Britain’s only thatched brewery* since 1949, Tally Ho! hails from the little market town of Bridport in Dorset. Stout-like in appearance, and fairly potent (5.5% ABV), it has a wonderfully rich, balanced, and complicated flavour that almost defies description.

* Strictly speaking, only a small portion of the Palmers beer manufactory has a reedy roof

After a few thoughtful sips, my colleague Roman declared that flavour to be “fruit cake-y” which I thought rather perceptive until I realised the sly sod had cribbed the description from the bottle label. Cocoa, caramel, raisins, dates… even though my palate has been degraded by decades of chili garlic sauce misuse, I detected a host of intermingled notes in this sturdy yet quaffable whistle wetter.

If Tally Ho! Wa was a wargame it would probably be something traditional and hexy. Something satisfying, absorbing, and steeped in history. There are times – especially in the heat of an English summer – when a lighter, zingier brew might fit the bill better, but if you’re after flavour, substance, and character you’ll struggle to find better than this delicious Dorset ale.


  1. THC Imperial Russian Stout
    Twice the alcohol level of other gaming websites – to help it thrive through Eastern Front winters, trans-continental flights and long journeys overseas. With warming depths of chocolate and coffee, this resembles other gaming websites (raisin, plum, and dark fruit undertones) only denser. Much denser.

    I’m sure I’ve used THC before to express my liking of Spitfire Gold – light, beery flavour without enduring bitterness.

  2. Spitfire has also, in my mind, been the THC beer of choice for me for several reasons:

    1. It’s one of the only WW2 themed beers I know of.

    2. It’s a classic English beer.

    3. It’s sold in Australia, so us Aussies can enjoy it whilst reading an A2Z. I don’t think we get Tally Ho! over here.

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