Friday Foxer #102

Every Friday at 1300 hours, Tally-Ho Corner’s cleverest clogs come together to solve a ‘foxer’ handcrafted by my sadistic chum and colleague, Roman. A complete ‘defoxing’ sometimes takes several days and usually involves the little grey cells of many readers. Don’t be shy. All are welcome to participate.

To completely defox today’s word chain you’ll need to provide Roman with the sequence of 24 words suggested by the clues below.

A word can be any length and is linked to the next word in the chain by its last two, three, or four letters. For instance ‘honeysuckle’ might be followed by ‘leviathan’. ‘Handel’ could come next. Then ‘delta’. And so on. Complicating things a tad are the six green italicised clues. These have been shuffled. For example “An Irish village with historic links to video gaming” probably doesn’t refer to word #12.

1. There’s one in this picture
2. One of Africa’s longer rivers
3. An Arkansas town, an Oaks winner, and a WW2 special forces op involving a HP Halifax
4. A foldable religious relic
5. A historic event occurred here during WW2
6. This Nineties album has a British sports car on the cover
7. An RTS engine and a SPAAG
8. Confused sauna rant produces Asian seed capital?
9. The cause of this demonstration
10. No country produces more of this annually than Canada
11. A word you might find on the side of an Airbus A320
12. An Irish village with historic links to video gaming
13. The woman in this picture
14. A WW2 RN rescue tug and one of the nicknames of a single-term 19th Century US president
15. A scifi movie starring one of the world’s bestselling music artists
16. The Gunpowder Plot’s locus dēlictī
17. A mountain that appeared in a Noughties Tom Cruise movie
18. One of Australia’s favourite b***u***
19. During the American Civil War his cavalry caused havoc here
20. This life-saving device comes in open, closed, and portable forms
21. The company that makes this model locomotive
22. A prime minister’s moggy, the mount of a future US president, and a city in the southern hemisphere
23. Defeated in a brief 19th Century European conflict
24. This monarch ascended the throne in the year this game was released

* * *


Last week’s cluster foxer:

Pioneer plaque (defoxed by Colonel_K)
a1. pulsars (Viscount)
b1. san carlos, california
c1. hydrogen or pulsars (Viscount, Nutfield, ylla)
c2. carl sagan (Nutfield)
d2. a man and a woman (Colonel_K)

Nürburgring corners (defoxed by Colonel_K)
d1. swallow’s tail (Zwack23)
e1. planting garden (Nutfield)
e2. small well
e3. carousel (Zwack23)
e4. fox hole (Colonel_K)

Characters in US TV series Ghosts (defoxed by ylla)
b2. sass (Colonel_K)
b3. flower
c3. alberta (Electric Dragon)
d3. viking (Colonel_K)
d4. hetty (Zwack23)

Words beginning ‘sco’ (defoxed by Electric Dragon and Colonel_K)
a2. scorpio (Colonel_K)
a3. scoa-p (Electric Dragon)
a4. scorched (Colonel_K)
b4. scout (Viscount)
a5. sconce (captaincabinets)

Le Havre (defoxed by Colonel_K)
c4. astonia (Colonel_K)
b5. volcano (Phlebas)
c5. salamander (Colonel_K)
d5. nausea (Nutfield)
e5. marat (Electric Dragon)


  1. 24. LETSIE of Lesotho?
    Battleground 4:Shiloh came out in 1996. He’s the only current monarch Wikipedia lists as reigning since 1996 – of course there may be others who have already gone.

    • His father is the only king or queen who wikipedia lists as dying in 1996, so it looks likely – although there might be other kinds of monarchs I haven’t thought of!

    • I’m not sure that’s particularly a relic. I was thinking of the Turin Shroud, but wondered if there might be a particular category.

  2. 15. MOONWALKER sounds as though it ought to be sci-fi but I don’t think it is. I’ll keep looking.

    edit: How about BATTLESHIP, starring Rihanna?

      • Ah, I didn’t see that – I was just looking at a list of model manufacters and notices that the NE at the end runs into NELSON

        • Could be either tbh, depends what switches to 20, less words end in BLA than LI or LIO which might make it easier :p.

  3. 8 NUSANTARA to go at 16 (anag of “sauna rant”, future capital of Indonesia under construction)

  4. 1. NIZAM
    2. ZAMBEZI
    3. ZINC
    5. TORGAU
    6. AUBERGE
    7. An RTS engine and a SPAAG
    9. ANPO
    10. POTASH
    11. SHENZEN
    13. The woman in this picture
    15. TERMINUS
    17. TARANAKI
    18. KINGSTON
    19. STONEMAN
    21. LIONEL
    22. NELSON

    4. A foldable religious relic
    12. An Irish village with historic links to video gaming BURTONPORT
    24. This monarch ascended the throne in the year this game was released

    • 7. (Flakpanzer) GEPARD

      Gepard is a game engine for RTS video games developed by StormRegion.
      Games using this engine:
      S.W.I.N.E. (2001)
      Codename: Panzers (2004)
      Rush for Berlin (2006)
      Joint Task Force (2006)
      Codename: Panzers – Cold War (2009)
      S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster (2019)

  5. 12. ARDRAHAN would fit at 8. It’s an Irish village but I can’t make a connection to videogame history.

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