Solo Foxer #44

Unlike the formidable Friday foxers, the Monday kind are designed with lone truth sleuths in mind. While Roman, my Chief Foxer Setter, would be very interested to know how long it takes you to defox the following brainteaser, he requests that the comments section isn’t used to share solutions or drop hints.

“Where am I?”

Using the following clues (the map above is purely decorative) in combination with Street View (all Solo Foxer solutions are Street Viewable), MAPfrappe, and other online tools, work out my location. The answer will appear under next Monday’s solo foxer.

Today I’m standing on a street named after a man who dined with Franklin Roosevelt in 1943. Around 18 metres from a small pharmacy and 18 kilometres from the sea, I’m in a country that, each year, imports more chocolate than New Zealand, exports more beer than the Czech Republic, and produces less energy from solar power than Denmark. Everyone in these parts has a day off in the middle of September. I’m equilatidinous with one landlocked Asian country, and two current Commonwealth realms. To reach the nearest international airport I’d need to crow-fly NNW.

You’re probably in the right place if you can see…

  • A green fourth-generation Ford Mustang
  • A green and white wall enclosing a primary school
  • A railway line
  • A woman dressed in pink
  • A man tying his shoelaces
  • Smoke from an oil refinery
  • A stack of wooden furniture
  • A swan

I’m not in Pont-à-Mousson.

(Last week I was here)

One comment

  1. Swan ahoy! This was a really tough one, but very satisfying to finish. Took me well over an hour.

    While I did find the correct country in the end, one of the “more X than country Y” clues doesn’t seem right, and I only got the country by ignoring it. I won’t say which one for risk of spoilers…

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