Friday Foxer #13

Today’s co-op brainteaser is the work of my Chief Foxer Setter’s talented understudy. If you think Roman’s word chains are tough, you’ve clearly never attempted one forged by Colonel K.

Word chains are composed of 24 words. A word can be any length and is linked to the next word in the chain by its last two or three letters. For instance ‘honeysuckle’ might be followed by ‘leviathan’. ‘Handel’ could come next. Then ‘delta’. And so on. Clues are provided but beware, six of them – the green italicised ones – have been shuffled. For example “Formidable one-eyed military leader.” probably doesn’t refer to word #8.

1. A man-portable torsion-powered weapon.

2. His victory monument shows the first example of 1’s mobile big

3. An elite military that became a way to get ahead.

4. An extinct Native American tribe from Texas.

5. This cocky Norman’s act got him killed by the English.

6. A prototype car, and a fictional killer of children.

7. A person who doesn’t know.

8. Formidable one-eyed military leader.

9. Thursdays are his day. Oaks are his tree.

10. The English name for this saint.

11. Person to whom the blue plaque on this house is dedicated

12. This object.

13. A word that links these three images.

14. Either of the two chemical elements that could fill this gap.

15. The Anglicized name of the (South) African river visible in the lower half of this map.

16. The town where this picture was taken.

17. A novel by this American writer.

18. According to Shakespeare: a delicacy, but also a worthless trinket.

19. A band of ruffians from the time of Queen Anne.

20. Richard III for instance.

21. Missing from this image.

22. Old, old English word for a judge.

23. An official, ranked from ruby down to silver.

24. A place claimed to have been discovered on the East coast of North America.

* * *



Last week’s rithmetic foxers

12 x 7 x 0.25 = 21 or 12 x 7 + 1907 = 1991 (defoxing team: Colonel_K, Viscount, gusdownnup, and ylla)

(119 + 11) / 13 + 46 = 56 (defoxing team: Colonel_K and Nutfield)

4 x (500 – 308 – 187) + 23 + 0 = 43 (defoxing team: Phlebas, Whistler, Nutfield, and Colonel_K)


  1. 11 is probably in (London)derry, but all the blue plaques I can track down are on other kinds of houses!

    • I am continually amazed by how often I go to give an answer and someone else got it a minute before – I even have the same Google map linked copied, ready to paste in 🙂

      • Yeah, it’s generally the order I attack stuff. Some are easy so it’s when you look, it’s surprising when you go for a tricky one and get pipped by seconds!

  2. 10. The bearded lady saint is Wilgefortis, whose English name is given by Wikipedia as UNCUMBER.

  3. I was hoping to say: “Ha, 13! Unlucky for some.”, but I see there are several correct answers already.

    Ah well, I guess there’s nothing for me to do this week. I could shake my fist at Roman for failing to blur some useful words in 16…

    … or maybe try to come up with a new style of Foxer:
    It’s like Sudoku, but some of the individual numbers are replaced with single picture clues from a ‘Rithmetic Foxer.

  4. I have a question about last week’s Foxer! What was the plane with the 187? Was it a Focke-Wulf Fw 187 Falke? I don’t think we quite solved that one.

  5. By my reckoning we are missing:

    5 – needs to follow on from ARYABHATA
    6 – runs onto IGNORAMUS
    24 – goes in 20 between HAWKUBITES and ANDO

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