Deft Dane sweeps the board in IL-2 air races

On Saturday accomplished Danish aerobat CSW_Tommy544 snatched victory in both finals of the demanding Virpil WarBRD Race Tournament. The standard of airmanship in the competition was staggeringly high and the racing nailbitingly close as the video embedded below the jump illustrates.

The winding course used in both the Bf-109 and Yak-1 final forced the fliers into close proximity with numerous chimneys, bridges, masts and trees. Remarkably, prangs were few.

The most competitive racers chose to clip course rings instead of aiming for their centres. In the closing seconds of the Yak-1 event, a daring shortcut by second-place pilot Krupnski almost led to Tommy being pipped at the post.

Proving that skilful engine management was just as important to success as precise stick-and-rudder work, both of the front-runners were moments away from catastrophic engine failures when they streaked over the finish line.