Crusadery Crossword (Win sandy UoC2 add-ons)

Unity of Command II’s logistical sophistication and starkly contrasting movement rates make it perfect for recreating WW2’s Western Desert Campaign. To experience the splendid synergy for yourself, you can either purchase Desert Fox and Desert Rats (two of UoC2’s latest and fattest expansion packs) or attempt to acquire them for nowt by participating in this competition.

The two Desert Fox + Desert Rats bundles I’ll be giving away next Friday will go to two individuals who send me (tim at tallyhocorner dot com) during the next five days, the solution to the following crossword. All ten answers relate to the fighting in North Africa during WW2. There’s no need to send an edited image – a list of words will be sufficient. Picked with help from, winners will receive their Steam activation codes by June 17.

+++++ CLUES +++++ 

1. The Desert Fox’s wheels/tracks
5. This fort changed hands several times during the campaign
6. An important choke point near the Egypt-Libya border
9. A British tank and operation
10. It was captured by the Axis in June, 1942

2. The James Mason Rommel movie begins with a depiction of this op
3. A valorous Australian who died in July, 1942
4. This tank shares a name with a Roald Dahl book
7. Rommel valued this Italian armoured division
8. A specialised variant of 4